dressed for success

i wore a tie to work today. and a jacket.

usually, i have to admit, i’m a bit of a schlub. we have business casual rules in our workplace, and i usually dress a bit under even that. i live in black jeans. and blue jeans.

but today is an exception.

a big mucky-muck from our english magazine division is presenting to us, and taking us out to lunch afterwards. the restaurant is a surprise, but i’m thinking it’s going to be pretty nice, so i dressed up, as did everyone else.

and it was everyone else’s reaction that got me thinking. my co-workers knew i was going to wear jacket and tie, so at 9:00 they called me and made me put on my jacket and come over so they could see me.

my looking nice should not be such a big event.

clearly there’s a message here. i need to upgrade my look. jeans and nice oxford shirts just won’t get it anymore.

well, let’s not get radical. maybe i can still wear jeans some days, but throw ties and nicer slacks into the mix on other random days. that’s what kirk does. some days he just wears a tie because he feels like it, and it’s no big deal.

maybe that’s the secret. i used to be a famously snappy and fashionable dresser, and i’ve slipped to the point where it’s an event when i wear a tie.

of course, i’m still cheap, so it’s not like i’m going to go drop two thou at saks for new clothes. but i can make better choices from the wardrobe i have, and add to it over time. and start buying clothes for myself. the only time anymore that i get new clothes to wear is when kirk does and i start wearing them.

maybe it’s time for the reverse to be true.