quick political takes

here are a few quick thoughts about various political-type things i’ve been mulling over recently. mostly political, anyway. i’m not sure what the list will consist of.

i haven’t written it yet, have i now?

» i’m voting republican  well, not completely republican. i’ve voted for one other republican, but that was for sheriff of alachua county, in gainesville, florida. and that doesn’t count, because of course you want a republican for sheriff. but i’m probably going to vote for bloomberg tomorrow, which will be officially my second republican vote in my life. ferrer just doesn’t get it done for me. and bloomberg has done enough good stuff, between the schools and the 311 stuff and everything else, that there’s no good reason not to vote for him. plus he’s basically so liberal that he’s a democrat anyway. he’s a republican in name only. so maybe this vote doesn’t count. it’s not like i’m voting for jesse freaking helms or something.

» we do not torture, says bush today. nevertheless, he says, we should not pass a law that says we do not torture. the little fucker always has to keep the loophole open. i watched mary somebody on the last bill maher show of the season–mary somebody who used to be the president of ireland and now heads up human rights for the un or something like that. and she was quiet and effective and tremendously wise on this subject. she just kept mentioning, in one form or another, that the rest of the world is aghast that a country to which they looked for leadership in this area for so long has slipped so far in such a short time. we do not torture? yeah right. tell that to the people in abu gharib, or guantanamo bay, or in the gulags we secretly established all over the world.

» alito alito alito  blah blah blah. the guy is going to get confirmed no matter what anyone does. and everything in the interim is for fund-raising on both sides. and he’s still not the fifth vote to overturn roe vs. wade, so everyone’s knickers are in a twist for naught. and if roe vs. wade does go away, maybe then all you people who take your rights for granted will know how us people without equal rights feel, and you will stop blindly voting for idiots.

» laughing at france’s problems?  a lot of people are. the country is a joke to a certain lot of fraudulently patriotic yahoos who are getting perverse pleasure over the race riots paris is experiencing. to you laughing lot i say–watch out. what’s happening in paris and in france is what will happen here soon, in microcosm.

well. i stayed relatively on topic. how about that!