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men dating me

i have two ways to search this site. one is using the greymatter blog search box located at the top right of the main page. it searches the blog only. the other is the “search entire site” page which uses to perform the search.

by the way, that’s the only place you’ll see ads on this site. i gotta fix that sometime. i hate ads.

and greymatter keeps a record of what people search for, and sends me a weekly email summary, so i know what people are looking for. not surprisingly, 95% of searches are for some variation on “naked” and “men”.

sorry to disappoint you.

this week’s summary email brought an interesting search , though. so now, in the spirit of satisfying my public, since apparently someone is interested in this, i will discuss the phrase “men dating me”.

first of all, i’m going to assume that the “me” in the phrase is me, jamie. if someone were searching for “men dating me” and meant me, the searcher him or herself, i couldn’t discuss it, since i have no idea who you are, you anonymous seeker of knowledge you.

men dating me. let’s see.

well, if you are wondering about present tense men dating me, you would have to be named kirk and already be married to me, since i am monogamous in the old fashioned strict sense of the word and have no interest in expanding its definition with some mutually acceptable set of rules, such as “you can ‘date’ someone as long as i don’t know about it”, or “you can ‘date’ someone but only when i’m out of town or you are”. i’m not very modern that way.

i see no need to dive into the past tense answer, since the search was phrased in the present. if the searcher had been wondering about men i dated years ago, they would have searched for “men jamie dated” or similar.

and anyway, writing about that would take far too long, especially if you had a liberal definition of the word “date”.

so i hope this has been enlightening, o anonymous searcher if you read this.

by the way, or btw as the kiddies say, i haven’t posted much this week because i had the week off of work and used it to clean and declutter the apartment. and, i must say, after having spent a couple of hundred dollars on containers for things and having gotten rid of a lot of crap, the apartment looks pretty damn good.

and i promised kirk i’d make the bed each morning, which is a big concession for me since leaving it unmade each morning was my last childhood rebellion.

also we had a stunningly good thursday dinner at artisanal, which is me died and gone to heaven since it’s a french bistro with hundreds of difficult to obtain artisanal cheeses. we had a nice soup (potato leek) to start, charcuterie featuring four cheeses leading up to epoisses, and finished with individual cheese flights. kirk had the “unusual” flight, two out of three being very nice and the third, tasting very much of very raw garlic, not being to my taste, and i had the “challenging” flight, with a first cheese that i can’t remember, a soft runny cheese that was literally andouilette in a ramekin–barnyard as all hell–and then finishing with a very nice blue. wine pairings throughout. very indulgent, not at all what one should do when going there, but i didn’t care.

i love cheese, and i was in heaven.

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