hdtv time

kirk and i decided to get a new hdtv for christmas. it’s our present to each other, except for stocking stuffers and such and i think one other present for kirk since he had already gotten me one thing before we decided to get the new hdtv.

i’m getting kirk a pony. don’t tell him.

and the new hdtv will be delivered tomorrow.

i got our present tv for free, and it’s easy to see why. the picture is crooked, so all the crawls on the news channels go slightly uphill and everything is tilted a bit.

you get used to it, though.

and it had big holes on the top of the plastic cabinet, so we put it into this plastic housing from an old vending machine. kirk found it in the trash. it’s name is vendora–it’s this woman’s head with a huge square hole beneath it, and the hole previously held three gumball machines. i should post a picture, except i’m too lazy. but the old vending machine enclosure named vendora is about the size of a 20″ regular tv, which is convenient since that’s exactly what we put into it.

so, to say the least, our present tv is not exactly cutting edge. but kirk and i watch a fair amount of tv and movies and such, especially since we got the tivo-box-thingy from the cable company. so we are now the proud owners of a 23″ lcd widescreen hdtv to be delivered tomorrow between 3:00 and 7:00. not a very big screen, but we don’t have a big apartment and we don’t sit very far from the tv, so it should be fine. and it was a great deal–we get special pricing through work on philips electronics, so it’s a philips hdtv.

and if we ever hit the lotto and get a big apartment and a huge tv, we can always use this as a monitor for the computer.

hallelujah. vendora is about to be history.