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Monthly Archives: December 2005

i’m number two


probably not going to be much activity here for the next few days, what with the holidays and all. in the meantime, if you google jamie howard, i am no longer number one. i am number two, behind some swimming machine (with apologies to kurt vonnegut). here is the number one jamie howard. now if, […]

today’s conundrum


the transit strike has been suspended and the trains and buses will be running by tomorrow morning’s rush hour. wonder how the mta employees will get to work to get the trains and buses going?

and the truth is?


another uneventful commute. i wish everyone was as lucky as i am…evidently, contrary to what i previously said about resourcefulness, it’s not getting any easier at all for a lot of people. i’m waffling a bit on my opinion of the union. yesterday the other municipal unions held a press conference where they stated that […]

what, me worry?


here’s a link to a very comprehensive list of all of the maintenance procedures you should regularly perform to ensure that your windows pc is safe, secure, and runs well: windows pc tune-up guide. it also serves as a comprehensive list of all of the things i never have to waste time doing anymore, now […]

my morning commute


my morning commute? not bad at all. i’m lucky, in that where i live is located near suburban rail lines going into manhattan, and those workers aren’t on strike. not everyone is so lucky. i’m less and less on the side of the union, though i’m still on the side of the workers. let me […]

new york still works


if you have money, that is. isn’t that the new york way? well, it shouldn’t be. if you don’t have money, or you need to go to work in an outer borough, you are pretty much out of luck this morning. that’s the big problem i have with this transit strike. it doesn’t hurt people […]

the nathan lane reality bubble


nathan lane talking to katie couric about “brokeback mountain” on the “today” show: “it’s really when [ledger] said, ‘this thing gets hold of us the wrong time, the wrong place, we’re dead.’ i thought, ‘what do you mean, like the a&p? you’re in the middle of nowhere! get a ranch with the guy! stop torturing […]

animated singing santa hack


now this is the funniest thing i’ve seen in ages. you know that ubiquitous 5-foot dancing talking santa they sell at wal-mart? well, this artist/hacker decided to reprogram it to, well… let’s just say that santa has now been bent to this very creative guy’s will. at the artist’s request, i haven’t linked directly to […]

it had better work


what a night. about 6:30pm yesterday we had firemen come into the building for some unknown reason. in a separate incident at the same time, the paramedics came for someone. and, in a third separate incident at the same time, a pipe burst in the apartment above us, sending water cascading down the living room […]

bush and his ipod


this is too priceless for words. president bush talks about the ipod, his favorite music, and which features are his favorite. bush and his ipod.

i’m not polluted


ever wonder how polluted your neighborhood is in relation to other areas of the country? well, you can check it out here. i put in the info for my neighborhood. and guess what?

transit strike apprehension


the new york transit workers may be going on strike tomorrow at midnight. and if they do, my commute to work is going to be much, much more difficult. it’s easy to take the subway for granted, and of course, even easier to take the workers who run the system for granted. and i am, […]

quote of the day


sometimes you don’t need a lot of words. sometimes i just feel like being an epigrammist, or an epigrammatist. take your pick. so here’s my short but pithy quote for the day. apropos of nothing. i thought it up while daydreaming today. “i avoid the middle of the road. that’s where the trucks can hit […]

the boondocks


so i’m still making up my mind about last week’s storyline from “the boondocks”. but i think i’m ok with it. the topic? the new movie “brokeback mountain”.

why didn’t you think of that?


or, also, why didn’t i think of that? this guy is trading up for items starting with a red paper clip, with the ultimate goal of trading for a house. he’s already traded up to a snowmobile, and now the story is all over the internets and the media, so you just know this guy […]

not smelling it


the maple syrup, that is. i’m not smelling it. supposedly, the smell of maple syrup is all over manhattan, and it’s inexplicable. some people think that it’s a chemical weapons dispersal test that the government is conducting. i’m not that paranoid–since i didn’t smell it last time and since i’m not smelling it this time […]

stuff i’m digging today


here’s what i’m digging today. by the way, radio city christmas show tonight. the orchestra settled their strike or lockout or whatever, so there will be live music and therefore i will be in attendance and not yelling at the house manager instead. oh yeah. here’s what i’m digging today.

hdtv hell


well, not quite irate. and not quite hdtv hell. the hdtv is hooked up to the cable box, and i have hdtv, and it looks spectacular, but there are a few caveats. there’s something called hdcp copy protection that your tv has to have enabled in order to hook up the explorer 8300 cable box […]

the latest evangelical scam


here’s an interesting story about a new way that evangelicals are attempting to convert homosexuals. of course, that’s just my opinion of what they are trying to do. here’s why i think that.

the easy way out


i’m busy at work today and have to leave early for my annual checkup at dr. kamlet’s office, so i’m going to just repost an email i got this morning. and i’m in such a hurry that i’ll even leave the capital letters intact. banner day for it’s a very funny letter written in […]