hdtv hell

well, not quite irate. and not quite hdtv hell. the hdtv is hooked up to the cable box, and i have hdtv, and it looks spectacular, but there are a few caveats.

there’s something called hdcp copy protection that your tv has to have enabled in order to hook up the explorer 8300 cable box to the all-digital dvi port.

my tv has this hdcp copy protection.

but the cable box can’t find it. so i can’t use the all-digital connection from the tv to the cable box. i have to use the component connections, which are fine, but then that means that my dvd player doesn’t have the highest quality connection it can have, because the cable box is using those outlets.

so when i play a dvd it looks less than spectacular.

i will add here that my mac mini has a digital dvi connector and my lcd computer screen has a digital dvi connector. and when i plugged those two devices in, they both worked together flawlessly and perfectly. why is that? it’s because apple knows how to build something. if apple built my cable box, i’m sure i would be writing about some other subject and not griping about how none of my electronic components work together. because it would all just work.

the cable guy is coming on the 20th. i’m not optimistic.