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why didn’t you think of that?

or, also, why didn’t i think of that?

this guy is trading up for items starting with a red paper clip, with the ultimate goal of trading for a house.

he’s already traded up to a snowmobile, and now the story is all over the internets and the media, so you just know this guy is eventually going to get his house.

as well he should. brilliant idea. you go, trading up to a house guy.

in other news…

» radio city was wonderful as usual. we had tickets on wednesday night. our seats were smack in the middle of some bus tour from indiana or wherever, and they i think had never been in new york before. exactly where you don’t want to be when seeing, say, doubt on broadway, but exactly where you do want to be when seeing the radio city christmas show.

most times i want to be surrounded by cynical, wise and quiet new yorkers in those situations, but the childlike wonder of 80-year-old midwestern women wearing bad wigs is perfect for seeing the magical rockettes and all. and the show is better than ever. they’ve added a huge rear projection screen which just adds to the excitement. thanks to it, for instance, there are dozens more dancing santas than ever before.

and the toy soldiers still fall down after the cannon shoots them, and the skaters still glide on teflon, and the camels still waddle across the stage.

and, best of all, the orchestra still plays. thank god. i can’t imagine that show without live music.

and best of best of all, the mighty wurlitzer was still mighty. those twin keyboards and the booming pipes are the best part of the show to me.

» kirk’s mother and her friend are coming to the city tomorrow. we’re having lunch, going to see the polar express in 3-d imax at lincoln square, and then walking around and seeing the windows and the rock center tree and all that. it’s nice to have someone from out of town give you an excuse to do things that you’d want to do anyway.

» my new year’s resolution is going to be to have a more financially wise and stable year. i think it’s going to happen, too.

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