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i’m not polluted

ever wonder how polluted your neighborhood is in relation to other areas of the country?

well, you can check it out here.

i put in the info for my neighborhood. and guess what?

i’m not very polluted. as you may have surmised from the title of the blog today.

evidently there are a lot of neighborhoods around manhattan that vary widely. gothamist did a story on it and they said that, for instance, 5th avenue in the 50s has 1.4 times more pollution than the national average. but park slope in brooklyn is 0.09 times the national average. go figure.

if you are too lazy to click the link to my neighborhood, i’ll let you in on the secret. inwood, at the top of manhattan, is .9 times the national average. which means we have ten times the pollution of park slope but still a tenth less than most people do. don’t understand? maybe you should have paid attention when they taught you decimals in 4th grade.

does this make me happy? well, yes it does. does it make me wish i lived in park slope? hell no. park slope is too expensive and too far away from work for me.

and besides, if you look at the other factoid provided, only 10% of the population in my neighborhood is white. i like that. i’ll bet park slope is the exact opposite when it comes to ethnic makeup. i wouldn’t like that. gotta have some flava and all.

bottom line–i’ll take the .1 pollution advantage and live with it.

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