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Monthly Archives: January 2006

dropping off the taxes


sounds mundane? it’s anything but. actually, dropping off the taxes is one of my favorite things i do in new york all year. confused? I’ll explain.

smartcar spotted


smartcar at 47th and madison haven’t seen one of these on the streets of new york until today, although they are all over the streets in europe. if i had to buy a car, which i hope to never have to do again, this would be the car i would want. so very, very, well…smart.

wonder showzen in itunes


i may just make my first itunes video purchase, even though i don’t have a video ipod. wonder showzen. you can still play those downloaded episodes on tv, you know. just burn them to a dvd. they are lower quality, but i’ve read that they look approximately like a vhs recording, so that’s not bad.

site of the day

24-Jan-06 this site transforms a browser window into a mockup of the mac os x experience. i pulled it up on my pc at work, and it actually gave me a moment of panic before i remembered it was just a browser window and i could alt-tab away from it. that’s how realistic it is. […]

updated widget


thanks to stuart at 36 degrees design, who actually did all the work and allowed me and everyone else to use it, i now have an updated widget. and apple has updated their page with the new version, as has maybe if i have some time today, i’ll go off and find new corners […]

intuit still sucks


another day, another reason to be irritated with intuit. i’ve documented my beefs with intuit, the makers of quicken and, i now remember, turbo tax, all over this site. here and here and here and here, to be specific. but i just must beat this dead horse one more time.

i think i just peed a little


how conservatives argue: a case study. funniest thing i’ve read since some indeterminate time in the past.


here’s a site i like– updated daily with lots of tags, graffiti, and found art from various cities. i particularly like ad iii, or ad3 if you will, whose witty, trenchant, and thought-provoking commentaries i need to start looking for.

kristen hall flying solo


kristen hall is leaving sugarland to “concentrate on her songwriting”. kristen hall, for new or casual readers of my blog, is my favorite musical artist ever, bar none, number one. you may never have heard of her before, but i’ve mentioned her here and here and here and here on my site. and you can […]

great switcher story


very busy day at work, so I’ll just give you a great link to go to instead. it’s the story of one guy’s experience with pcs and why he switched to a powerbook. i’m going to keep coming at you until you at least go to an apple store and try one out for yourself. […]

trash tv


i’m blogging from home tonight, on my mac. feels good. usually i blog at lunchtime at work. on my pc. aaaargh. have i ever mentioned that i use and love macs? you should too. anyway, on to today’s spontaneous subject…american idol.

mchale’s closed


mchale’s is gone forever. it had the best burger in new york, i thought. i blogged about it previously, and have raved about it to many, many friends. my work group had set a calendar date for today to go have one last lunch. last time i was there, in mid-december, the waitress told us […]

blue hill goodness


excellent meal last night at blue hill, followed by drinks at danny’s with kirk singing. and, i’m surmising, thanks to the kitchen’s attention to food network’s tyler florence, we got extra courses to make up for the slow start in the kitchen. thanks, tyler.

happy anniversary


just a short note–it’s my sixth anniversary with kirk. we were married on 1/11/00. there’s wedding stuff all over the site but here is a good place to start if you are interested. we’re celebrating in style at one of our favorite restaurants: blue hill. tasting menu. matching wines. can hardly wait. i’m a lucky, […]

i can breathe now


the stevenote is over. and my wallet will stay [mostly] shut. don’t get me wrong. from a certain perspective, it was a fantastic stevenote. apple has lots of new products that will fly off the shelves. just [mostly] nothing i need.

quote of the day


from a new york daily news article on mayor bloomberg’s gun control initiatives. “virginia is liberal in gun ownership, but our crime rate is very low,” explained jerry thompson, 41, owner of dominion shooting range inc., a richmond gun shop. “so we kind of thumb our nose at new york because gun laws are so […]

tomorrow’s the day


tomorrow is the stevenote at macworld. is that total greek to you? or, should i say, geek? let me explain.

what’s this?


a new blog? my goodness. seriously, i feel bad about not updating the site for a while. so i’ll give you the rundown on what i’ve been up to. a.k.a. my feeble attempt at justification for not blogging.