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what’s this?

a new blog? my goodness.

seriously, i feel bad about not updating the site for a while. so i’ll give you the rundown on what i’ve been up to.

a.k.a. my feeble attempt at justification for not blogging.

maybe i won’t justify it. i was sick, traveling, working hard, blah blah blah. i’ll get on with it.

christmas was great. we spent christmas eve going to a service at our church, holy trinity in inwood . it was a lovely service–the church looked great, especially the candlesticks. that’s because i helped clean the church the day before, and my job was to take the wax off of, and polish, the little brass caps that sit on top of the candles. i’m sure those little brass caps have a name. i’ll call them aglets, which is the name for the plastic tip of your shoelaces.

i cleaned the aglets that sit atop the candles.

and then, since kirk won’t allow me to open presents on christmas eve, we opened presents on christmas morning. we gave each other a hdtv for christmas, so it was mostly little stuff, but i love opening presents as i love surprises. i got lots of cool stocking stuffer stuff, but the best present was a handle from one of the old redbird subway cars. the metal loop-looking ones. their official name is a “grab-hold” and you can see them here. ultra cool present.

i gave kirk a new cell phone and promised to get one myself, which is a blog topic all to itself. and some really cool pop-up books. and some other stocking stuffer stuff.

then we spent a couple of days at kirk’s parents house in reading, pa. lots of good food, more cool stocking stuffer stuff, and a full-contact successful battle with the computer repair person who badly ripped them off fixing their pc.

when we get a new mac, kirk’s mom is getting the mini for sure. we spend a lot of time maintaining her dell pc, and i’m sure it’s frustrating for her as well.

around the house for the rest of the week. new year’s eve at our friend mark’s restaurant in brooklyn, red cafe, followed by arthur avenue mike’s deli antipasto noshes at home. i actually made it until midnight.

next year i want to go to the midnight run in central park. not that i’m going to run, but i think it would be a great alternative to times square, where i will never go on new year’s eve until hell freezes over. i think midnight in the park with fireworks and nothing but new yorkers would be fabulous.

then i was sick, and then i worked all week, very hard. even though lots of people were not at work, the work still piled up and i had a lot of catch up to do.

and now i don’t have any catch up to do here. well, not too much anyway.

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  1. kirk

    a rare comment from kirk:

    i would like to point out that:
    1) they are called "christmas" presents, not "christmas eve" presents
    2) to correct the record and the impression that i’m a hard-hearted dictator of all things holiday, jamie did indeed get to open one present on christmas eve
    3) jamie is a wonderful husband and there’s no one i’d rather spend my holidays with (even if he does make me write in all lower-case).

    Posted on 07-Jan-06 at 10:27 pm | Permalink

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