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trash tv

i’m blogging from home tonight, on my mac. feels good. usually i blog at lunchtime at work.

on my pc. aaaargh.

have i ever mentioned that i use and love macs? you should too. anyway, on to today’s spontaneous subject…american idol.

it’s a guilty pleasure. but i love watching it and probably haven’t missed a second of it since day one, minute one. what is it about that damn program?

for me it really is the good singers. i hate having to wade through all the obviously bad singers they show at the beginning of each season. the obviously bad singers who obviously know they are bad, despite their protestations to the contrary. i make myself watch them so i’ll get glimpses of the good singers that are to come, and i try to pick early favorites.

yeah right.

i love the bad singers like anyone else. and you know who the early favorites are, because the show has already taped vignettes of them walking down main street, or at the bowling alley, or in the case of last night, wandering around a cornfield maze.

but they also let through a bad singer, for the first time. and in the process, devaluing and pissing off every singer who had lots of talent and almost made it to hollywood but didn’t quite. i can’t believe they would let this spastic joker through. it’s a travesty.

i can hardly wait to see what he does. you know we’ll see lots of him.

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