updated widget

thanks to stuart at 36 degrees design, who actually did all the work and allowed me and everyone else to use it, i now have an updated widget.

and apple has updated their page with the new version, as has dashboardwidgets.com. maybe if i have some time today, i’ll go off and find new corners of the web to seed with my widget.

you can also download my widget here, if you like.

don’t know what a widget is? they are cool little apps that work with mac osx tiger, the operating system that you might be using if you had a mac instead of windows. which you should have, as i often mention.

my particular widget gives you the rss feed for my site, which is a listing of my blog postings. it’s updated each time i blog.

you can also get the rss feed in your browser or in a standalone computer, no matter if you have a pc or a mac.

you can also have the update emailed to you each time i blog.

so there’s really no reason for you not to keep up with me, now is there? other than the obvious reason, which is that often not much around here worth reading, he says self-deprecatingly.