wonder showzen in itunes

i may just make my first itunes video purchase, even though i don’t have a video ipod. wonder showzen. you can still play those downloaded episodes on tv, you know. just burn them to a dvd. they are lower quality, but i’ve read that they look approximately like a vhs recording, so that’s not bad.

anyway, wonder showzen is one of my favorite tv shows…i’ve blogged about how much i love it, and i’m not sure i can wait for the dvd. i burned the episodes onto a dvd at home, but they always start earlier than the schedule says, so my copies are all disjointed and stop-and-start and whatnot.

i may just pre-order the dvd and investigate the itunes thing. it depends on the price. of course, this is all just an excuse to plug the greatest show on tv, practically.

if you haven’t watched it, you should. it’s sporadically repeated on mtv2. find it.

or buy one episode from itunes and just sample it. any episode will do–they are all brilliant. my favorite is the one where the letter “n” goes all slutty, although the backwards episode is brilliant in that “homer simpson stepping on the rake nine times in a row” way.

it’s $1.99, for chrissakes.

it’s worth your time. and money.

update: i bought the whole season for $15 and change–my first itunes video purchases. easy process, and they look great full-screen on the monitor. i don’t think you can burn them to dvd, though. i think to watch them on tv you have to have a video ipod and then hook that up to the tv or something. i have to look into that.