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Monthly Archives: February 2006

ipod packaging parody


it’s a very busy day ’round here today. have a look at this parody on it shows what would have happened had microsoft invented the ipod and designed the packaging. brilliant.

weekend of catch-up


i’m behind on a number of things. and this is the weekend that i get caught up on them. some things important, most things unimportant. but if i commit them publicly to the internets, perhaps they’ll actually get done. so, in no particular order…

back is back


my back is back. warning: this is going to be a very whiny post. i had back surgery a couple of years ago. and after some recuperation and physical therapy, i didn’t pay much attention to it. i am now.

enough with the twizzles


i love watching the winter olympics, and especially the ice skating. and especially especially the ice dancing. but since the scoring scandals in the last winter olympics, the sport has instituted a new scoring system. and i don’t like it.

quick takes


things i found funny at gawker today: this craigslist posting, their obsession with johnny weir, and frank bruni blogs about hooters. gawker is a great site, if a bit new-york-insidey. i completely agree with their assessment of johnny weir, though. if i were gorgeous, famous, rich, single, and twenty years younger, i might just give […]

needless viral hysteria


much has been made of the fact that there are no viruses for the mac, in contrast with windows which has approximately 108*2 to the power of 5 viruses. but all over the mac internets today is the story of the first mac “virus”. relax. the virus score is still windows three million, mac 0. […]

not ready for aarp


i got the invitation in the mail the other day. would i like to join aarp? lots of benefits. it’s not expensive. you really should. they must be kidding. i’m only 42.

going gluten-free


kirk is. i’m not going gluten-free, except that i kind of am, just by virtue of inhabiting space with him. turns out that, ironically enough for someone who bakes constantly, he is allergic, or whatever, to gluten. the stuff that’s in wheat and oats and i don’t know what all else that holds it all […]

news in brief


from an article on saddam hussein’s forced attendance at his trial: “degradation and shame upon you, raouf,” saddam yelled. later, he called the investigating judges “homosexuals.” saddam, you wacky gay-basher/closeted homosexual you. from an article on show dogs braving the new york blizzard conditions: …the 1969 blizzard created even more havoc. that was the year […]

grey gardens


kirk and i saw the new musical version of the famous documentary “grey gardens” at playwrights horizons last night. the perfect way to spend the evening after the end of the biggest snowstorm in new york history. and i can’t get it out of my mind. i think the show is fantastic.

my cat pd


i recently added the “cast of characters” to the sidebar of the site–it’s basically a bunch of my cell phone pictures linked to various pages and blogs on my site. i put up a picture of my cat pd–she’s the lovely black and white cat. but with no story about pd to link it to, […]

the guy with the hard-on at the gym


the title pretty much says it all. now i’m not a prude, although i admit to being pretty wasp-y. and i know it’s a natural function, and shit happens, and whatnot. but really. what’s going on here?

move on, move on


i think i may have donated $50 or $20 or something to move on, back in those heady days of presidential election 2004 when all seemed not only possible, but likely. i’m not sure. i’m pretty sure now that if i did, i’m really sorry that i did.

headline of the day


bush urges end to cartoon violence. the road runner, yosemite sam, superman, and the like had better watch out. george w. means business! thanks to kirk for the link.

how to do well by doing badly


microsoft is going to charge people $49.95 a year to keep their computers free of viruses, spyware, keyboard loggers, and all of the other crap that infects pcs which run the windows operating system. you can read about it here. amazing. release an operating system so riddled with errors and bad coding that semi-literate pre-teens […]

leave it alone


apparently, thanks to intrepid scientists with nothing constructive to otherwise occupy their time, mankind has discovered an area of new guinea that is being described as a “garden of eden”. by the way, i know that the period should go inside the quotes–“garden of eden.” i think that’s silly, and it’s my site. but i […]

site revision


so i decided to change the look of the site a bit, as you can see. it’s all very web 2.0-ish, i admit. but those are some design principles i can agree with. i’m proud that my site has always been clean, direct, and fast-loading. now it’s even more so. with bigger fonts too.

supreme surprise


you can’t ever predict what people will do once they get a seat on the supreme court, as i’ve mentioned before. and now, in his first act as a supreme court judge, samuel alito has pissed off the conservatives.