site revision

so i decided to change the look of the site a bit, as you can see.

it’s all very web 2.0-ish, i admit. but those are some design principles i can agree with.

i’m proud that my site has always been clean, direct, and fast-loading. now it’s even more so.

with bigger fonts too.

if you’ve already forgotten what the old site looked like, here’s what changed:

–larger font, as i’ve mentioned

–sidebar on the right went away

–blog search box moved to top

–standard blue links, with underlining and a color change for the hover part

–two-tone shading of the main page boxes, with color outlines

–geek alert: cleaned up css so it now validates

–geek alert two: verified cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility (ie, safari, and firefox on PC and Mac)

i’d like to get those main page boxes with rounded corners. that’s going to take some doing, though. and i need to go through the site and get rid of the lingering references to the third column that had the sidebar. nothing that will affect what you see on the site, but i know it’s there in the coding and it bugs me.

let me know what you think, or if you run into any display issues. i initially was having problems with overlapping text in firefox, but this post helped me sort it out–turns out it was a problem with conflicting fonts on my mac, and nothing to do with the coding of the site.

frankly, the site is nearly as universally compatible as a site can be. it’s coded very simply, it’s valid xhtml, and it’s about as text-based as a site can be without being completely boring. greymatter is about as good as blog software can get, if you ask me.

what can i say. it’s my hobby. it keeps me off the street and out of trouble.

update: i added the third column back. kirk said it looked better with it there, so it’s back with different content. i’ll probably make it better as time goes on.