my cat pd

i recently added the “cast of characters” to the sidebar of the site–it’s basically a bunch of my cell phone pictures linked to various pages and blogs on my site.

i put up a picture of my cat pd–she’s the lovely black and white cat.

but with no story about pd to link it to, i linked the picture to a story about another cat.

my dead cat jeff. i know. tacky. so kirk has been after me to write a story about pd, so that her picture will not be linked to a weepy story about my dead cat.

here it is.

i feel a bit, actually, like i’m in third grade again. and it’s the first day, and the teacher has told us all to write 100 words about our summer vacation, or our favorite relative, or what we expect to learn this year, or whatever.

but i will slog on, so that pd will get her due. she’s a lovely cat, and she deserves her own page that’s all about her as she is, last time i checked, not among the dearly departed.

and i’ll write about her, even though kirk is blasting the tv with the winter olympics. it bugs me that nbc has the winter olympics on all 42 of their channels, but all of those channels have hockey games.

men’s hockey.

women’s hockey.

my friend tucker at work tried to get me into hockey, but then he started explaining the rules, and all about some line that some people can cross and some people can’t, and how exciting a 0-0 hockey game is, and my eyes kind of glazed over.

i know that hockey has changed for the better, because the scores that i ignore during that part of the sports news have gotten higher. teams score 5 or 6 goals each in a game now sometimes. good for them. i’ll bet olympic hockey hasn’t changed one iota.

i watched the 1980 miracle on ice in lake placid. that’s probably the last hockey game i watched. so get it off all the channels. it’s filler.

of course, i guess the alternative is more profiles in courage of michelle kwan, and how noble she is, and how wonerful she is, and all. she’s had two shots and couldn’t get the job done. move over and let the youth in, michelle.

how are we going to get the next sarah hughes when michelle kwan is hobbling around the rink for one last miserable shot at non-glory? michelle kwan has always bugged the hell out of me. sarah hughes got it just right. she never skated that well before, and she’s never skated that well since, but she did it when it counted, and then she got on with her life.

and got out of the way.

of course nbc could have lots of profiles of apolo anton ohno. all they wanted. that’s one hot guy. cute as all hell.

just like pd.

update: michelle kwan has dropped out due to her injuries. she did the right thing eventually, and she did it early enough that her replacement, emily hughes, can get to italy and start training. i wish nothing but the best for michelle kwan as she gets on with her life.