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Monthly Archives: March 2006

mandisa, say it ain’t so


is american idol’s mandisa homophobic? kirk just sent me a link to a story on the advocate’s website that outlines mandisa’s overwhelming devotion to beth moore, an anti-gay “christian” writer whose website links to ex-gay groups. i’m not linking to ms. moore, because i’m not boosting her google rank. google her if you want. now […]

windows vista delayed


after shedding innovation after innovation to try to make a 2006 ship date, the next generation of microsoft windows, named vista, has been delayed until january 2007. at the earliest. it’s kind of sad.

coincidence or message?


i haven’t blogged in over a week. over that period of time, the hits to my site have skyrocketed and the number of people subscribing to my rss feed have nearly doubled. i think there’s a message being sent.

a really catchy tune


here’s a fun link: worst web design of 2005. lots of links to sites with monumentally bad design. and i thought my site had problems. my favorite is this one: the association of international glaucoma societies. you can even download their “glaucoma hymn”, which has to be heard to be believed. or don’t download it, […]

screwed by gates?


bad, bad news on this front: microsoft windows vista will not support efi booting (intel-based macs only support booting via efi) the new intel macs use efi to boot, and expectations were that vista would support efi to facilitate dual-booting of windows and os x. microsoft has decided to stick to their old bios scheme […]

bye bye bonds, and others as well


there are several people i want to say goodbye to. i don’t want them in my life anymore, and they are kind of unavoidable. for the most part, anyway. i know i could stop watching certain shows, and whatnot, but i like those shows and i like that whatnot. so i’m not going to change. […]

my mortality


lovely subject, right? but today’s front page has got me thinking. dana reeve dead at 44. kirby puckett dead at 45. i’m 42, by the way. barely. 43 on march 19th, which is 12 days away. wow. wow. wow.

the envelope please


the oscars were, i thought, a pretty good show last night. well organized, relatively quickly paced, some good funny bits. oscar-winning dancing hos and pimps. it wasn’t very hard out there for pimps last night, unless you count being bleeped by the abc censors. something for everyone.

american idol musings


it’s my guilty pleasure, i admit. i watch every week. 5 hours or so of my life down the drain. but i love it, so get out of here with your judgmental attitude. besides, i’m guessing you watch too. so who are my favorites so far?

big day for the mac mini


it’s a heckuva(n) upgrade. apple introduced a new mac mini yesterday. a couple of questions, but for the most part, kudos to you, apple computer.