big day for the mac mini

it’s a heckuva(n) upgrade.

apple introduced a new mac mini yesterday.

a couple of questions, but for the most part, kudos to you, apple computer.

it’s the version with the intel chip, which means faster processing than the old version. and you can optionally get a dual-core chip, which is like two chips in one, which makes it even faster.

and you can expand the memory to a greater capacity than before, and there’s optical audio in as well as optical audio out, so you can hook it up to a greater variety of devices.

and you get front row and a remote control, so you can watch videos and listen to music and all from the comfort of your couch, several feet away.

and you get all of the great apple software for free–ilife and the operating system and lots of cool stuff. everything you need is included–just use the old monitor, keyboard and mouse from your pc.

if you are using a pc and need to replace it, there’s really no reason to hold back your switch to mac any longer.

just do it. read all about how to switch for yourself.

i guarantee it’ll be one of the best purchases you ever make.