my mortality

lovely subject, right?

but today’s front page has got me thinking. dana reeve dead at 44. kirby puckett dead at 45.

i’m 42, by the way. barely. 43 on march 19th, which is 12 days away.

wow. wow.


now i know that, rationally, these two people died much younger than does the average person. and i know that it’s just an odd coincidence that two famous relatively young people died of relatively natural causes on the same day. natural causes defined here as not a car wreck, or a drug overdose, of whatever.

and it looks like kirby puckett just wasn’t taking good care of himself at the end, and i take pretty good care of myself.

it’s odd, though, for dana reeve, a non-smoker, to have died of lung cancer. it doesn’t make me, a former smoker, feel any better.

i go to the gym when i can, when my back isn’t acting up like it has been for the last few weeks. and like i said i quit smoking, and i don’t eat a lot of processed food, and i eat meat but just barely and hardly ever in large quantities except when i go to peter luger’s, and we don’t use a lot of evil household chemicals, and i use a non-aluminum-based anti-perspirant, and i take lipitor to clean out the pipes in my brain to hopefully avoid the alzheimer’s, and i live a pretty stress free life even though i live in manhattan, and everyone in my family lives a pretty long time, some well into their nineties, even though some of them didn’t keep all of their faculties.

there, that should be enough rationalization for now. i feel much better.

i think i’m going to the gym tomorrow morning, though, back pain or no back pain.

just to be on the safe side.