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bye bye bonds, and others as well

there are several people i want to say goodbye to. i don’t want them in my life anymore, and they are kind of unavoidable.

for the most part, anyway. i know i could stop watching certain shows, and whatnot, but i like those shows and i like that whatnot.

so i’m not going to change. they need to.

barry bonds needs to go. i’ve always thought that steroids had no place in baseball, and that the players and owners were stupid and chicken-shit not to have banned them ten years ago. or more. and now with the latest confirmation to his steroid usage, which is hardly at this point news to anyone with a brain, there is no excuse for me having to watch him take the field when the giants play the mets. he needs to go.

if he plays and passes babe ruth, i’m going to be one pissed off puppy.

if he plays and passes hank aaron, and baseball honors the record, that’s it for me and baseball. seriously. one of the few things that keep baseball sacred is the years and years of impeccable apples-to-apples stats. and to honor a steroid-laden asswipe’s breaking of a record that important would dishonor hank aaron’s real accomplishment, and i won’t stand for it.

kevin covais needs to go. from american idol. he can’t sing, he can’t dance, he has no stage presence, he’s not cute, and there’s just no reason for him to still be there, and indeed no reason for him to have been there in the first place, except that he’s someone’s concept of what makes interesting tv, except that he’s not and he doesn’t.

get rid of him. love that bucky covington, though. he’s a dark horse. still love me some mandisa. still love me some taylor, although he’s on the edge of starting to begin to be a bit annoying with the schtick.

all the usual suspects who think they are going to be president in 2008 need to go. it won’t be hillary, and it won’t be john mccain, and it sure the hell won’t be kerry, and it won’t be bill frist or anyone else who everyone thinks are the obvious front-runners. it’ll be some governor you’ve never heard of, probably from some southern state you ignore regularly. so hillary, and mccain, and frist, and pataki, and guiliani, and all the rest of you.

make like kevin covais.

make like barry bonds.

go already.

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