windows vista delayed

after shedding innovation after innovation to try to make a 2006 ship date, the next generation of microsoft windows, named vista, has been delayed until january 2007.

at the earliest.

it’s kind of sad.

i used to like my windows computer, and lots of people get stuff done on them just fine. but after switching to the mac, i realized that there was an easier way to get that same stuff done.

easier, far less problematic, and with far less maintenance.

i don’t think microsoft is ever going to catch up with apple. microsoft vista would have, at best, come close to having the functionality that apple already has with their present os, tiger. by the time that vista actually ships, apple will have already shipped the next generation of the mac os, called leopard. and leopard will be the new standard by which os software is measured.

not vista.

think i’m full of crap? here’s a blog written by and frequented by microsoft employees. read the comments for yourself, and decide whether or not this is a company you want to invest in, or buy products from.

here’s a sample quote:

compare this to os x, where people fall all over themselves trying to get the newest version running on their old hardware because there’s actual value in the new features. so vista has its guts ripped out, slips, and we wait another 5 years for a potentially insipring version of windows, meanwhile apple ships another 3 updates to os x.

that from a microsoft employee.

still think you should be using a windows pc?