mandisa, say it ain’t so

is american idol’s mandisa homophobic?

kirk just sent me a link to a story on the advocate’s website that outlines mandisa’s overwhelming devotion to beth moore, an anti-gay “christian” writer whose website links to ex-gay groups.

i’m not linking to ms. moore, because i’m not boosting her google rank. google her if you want.

now maybe mandisa, who i’ve voted for every single week, is not homophobic. maybe she is unaware of ms. moore’s homophobic rants, and disagrees with them.

if so, mandisa needs to clarify her views on the subject, because there’s a lot of smoke, and i don’t know if there’s a fire.

absent a clarification, though, i’m not voting for her anymore, even if she is one of my favorites. i have a feeling that a big chunk of her fan base are gay men, and she’d better get out in front of this quickly.