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Monthly Archives: April 2006

translating the anthem, for bush


our fearless leader, president bush, hath decreed that the national anthem should be sung in english. isn’t that a foreign language for him? oh, the irony. i’d hereby like to translate the national anthem for president bush, so he’ll know what it means. because, evidently, he hasn’t a clue about what it means.

2cv at spring and broadway


citroen 2cv on spring and broadway the citroen 2cv (or “deux chevaux”) is my favorite car of all time, although i’ve never had the privilege of driving one. just looking at it is enough to make you smile. and, appropriately enough, i saw one last night in manhattan after a great cassoulet at jardin bistro. […]

a brilliant widget


stuart at 36 degrees design, the designer of the template i used to make my widget for queerspace, has made a great new widget. in his words, with capitals intact, “The widget has two sides, the first of which is an excel spreadsheet, filled with some meaningless data, and the back side is a word […]

my my mandisa


on the mandisa thing, which i blogged about earlier–here’s my quick take on why she was voted out when she was. as i see it, mandisa had two sets of hardcore fans–the ultra-religious ones who got the hints and knew she was religious, and the gay fans who loved her diva-hood. her gay fans stuck […]