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my my mandisa

on the mandisa thing, which i blogged about earlier–here’s my quick take on why she was voted out when she was.

as i see it, mandisa had two sets of hardcore fans–the ultra-religious ones who got the hints and knew she was religious, and the gay fans who loved her diva-hood.

her gay fans stuck by her when she sang a gospel song the previous week, becuase gay people in general are hyper-sensitive to bigotry and wouldn’t avoid voting for her on that basis alone. and she sang the song well. i voted for her, because i love me some gospel and she kicked butt singing the song.

her gay fans would be hypersensitive to hypocrisy as well, though. so when it came out that she was openly supportive of a known, active homophobe, her gay fans (including me) abandoned her.

and she went home. simple as that.

you could say that she went home because it was country week, and she did an abysmal job at singing the song. which she did.

but she dropped too far, too fast for it to only be a country music thing.

mandisa, darling: it’s a gay thing too.

just ask donna summer. really though, mandisa, you should have asked her before you went down the same career-wrecking road she did.

bottom line? just about everybody will tolerate a different point of view.

and just about everybody gets annoyed with hypocrisy.

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