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Monthly Archives: May 2006

text-transform: lowercase


i learn something every day. today i learned a new css property. css, for the uninitiated, is a way to control the way your site looks. you put all of your styles into a file, and then each page refers to that file. and so if you want to change the look of your site, […]

semi-useless tag cloud added


anyway, if you ask me they are semi-useless. it’s my new tag cloud. it’s in my sidebar, off to the right over there, right under my rss feed links. the tag cloud is a constantly updated alphabetical list of words and topics that appear frequently in my blog titles via my rss feed. and the […]

bird flu awareness night


via gawker: newark bears bird flu awareness night. from the site: Bird Flu Awareness Night featuting a pre-game chicken wing eating contest presented by Planet Wings and a Post-Game Fireworks Spectacular presented by Saint Barnabas Health Care System/Clara Maass Medical Center bird flu awareness celebrated by a chicken-eating contest. this is pretty much the dictionary […]

lunch hour at the new apple store


apple opened their new nyc store at the top of 5th avenue last friday, with a lot of hoopla, press coverage, and red-hot hype. it was lousy weather and there were tons of people, so i didn’t bother going. although the first 2500 people got t-shirts and that would have been cool. anyway, i headed […]

grey gardens–best broadway musical of the season


ben brantley, in a ny times roundup of the broadway musicals of this year, has called “grey gardens” the best musical of the season. problem is, “grey gardens” wasn’t a broadway show–it was an off broadway show. as he acknowledges, while making his point about the dearth of good musicals this year. still, he’s right, […]

ipod shuffle shuffling off?


there’s rumors on the internets that apple is killing the shuffle as soon as current inventories (supposedly high) are depleted. i hope these rumors aren’t true. the shuffle is the only ipod i own, and i love it. it’s perfect for the gym, and the damn thing is indestructible. i have a feeling that i’m […]

grey gardens is broadway bound


i wrote about “grey gardens”, the off-broadway musical, earlier this year. loved it. now it’s headed to broadway. if you missed this show on the first round, make sure you get tickets to this production. i will.

a woman i’d like to know


mary wohlford, that’s who. the eighty-year-old great-grandmother had “do not resuscitate” tatooed in big letters across the middle of her chest. although it’s probably not legally binding, as she says it will at least give those emergency room people a moment of pause, and she hopes it will provoke discussion of an important issue. good […]

new macbooks from apple


in the absence of having anything else more interesting to say, i’ll just mention that apple released their new entry-level notebooks today. read all about them, for they are interesting, and buy one if you can afford it, for they are a good value. except for the black one. you basically pay $150 just to […]

stealing my subway sub


which, by the way, i didn’t do, but got accused of this morning. i should explain. i’m famous among those who know me for my even temper when dealing with customer service issues. i’m pretty good at getting what i want from customer service people, and the first rule of dealing with them is to […]

amazing street art


virtual street reality. follow the link above to see some amazing street art. here’s a description of it, from the site: Julian Beever is an English artist who is famous for his art on the pavements of England, France, Germany, USA, Australia and Belgium. Its peculiarity? Beever gives his drawings an anamorphosis view, his images […]

back to number one


i’m back to the number one position on google for jamie howard, ahead of jamie howard the professional wrestler, and jamie howard the swimming machine, and jamie howard the alderman in davenport iowa, and jamie howard the former ceo of excite, and all the rest. it’s about damn time. enough of this number two and […]

an evening at carnegie hall


kirk and i had tickets to the new york pops 23rd annual gala last night. there was a playbill discount email, and liza minnelli was performing and elaine stritch was hosting, and so i walked up to the box office the next day and got a pair of inexpensive tickets. glad we did. it was […]

small town city


new york is a small town. in fact, it’s probably more of a small town than the small town you live in. because you walk everywhere in new york, there’s more opportunity to get to know people, and see people you know. and because there are few large megastores (although this is slowly changing), a […]

the 9/11 memorial


this post will probably piss off at least 13 of the 14 readers i have. but it’s what i think, and so be it. i ran across this quote from the uk guardian on salon today. it’s from an older story about the terrorists bombings at the atocha train station in madrid, and how the […]

american idol? feh.


i’m getting bored with idol. three or four weeks ago, it seemed that this was the best crop of talent ever. i was geniunely looking forward to the weeding out process. but the song selection has sucked, for the most part. and not a single idol has progressed past the point where they started. each […]

apple adds ads


apple has started to advertise the mac. it’s about time. if you haven’t seen them yet, head on over to the link above. they are marvelously done, with the slight exception of the “better” ad, which is not my favorite. the rest of them, though, have a perfect tone. there’s a geeky guy (john hodgman […]