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apple adds ads

apple has started to advertise the mac.

it’s about time.

if you haven’t seen them yet, head on over to the link above. they are marvelously done, with the slight exception of the “better” ad, which is not my favorite.

the rest of them, though, have a perfect tone. there’s a geeky guy (john hodgman from the daily show) who plays the part of the pc, and a younger, hipper guy (justin long, from ed and dodgeball, among others) who plays the part of the mac.

the way they set these up is brilliant. past apple ads have been condescending toward pc users, the very people they are trying to attract. these ads are set up so that the pc guy admits his own (or, by proxy, his computer’s own) mistakes. and the mac guy is always cute, never threatening or insulting, yet gets relatively obscure geeky points across in a humorous way.

whoda thunk that viruses, or networking, or the horrors of constant restarting, could be explained in such a humorous and cute way?

i saw the ads on tv last night for the first time, during “american idol” and “house”. i’d watched them all online before that, though.

and i would have seen them during “24” on monday night and would have been completely surprised by them, which would have been really cool. but kirk the asshat had to keep jumping up and running to do things during the commercials on “24”, which meant that i paused the show on the pvr and then hit the live button, thus missing the commercials.

kirk isn’t really an asshat. but isn’t that a great word? i’ve seen it online a few places recently. great word. so i just wanted to use it, even though it wasn’t an appropriate use.

anyway, my favorite is “network”, followed by “viruses” and “ilife”.

go watch them.

and then go find out all about why and how to switch to a mac

and then switch, dammit. it’ll be the best thing you ever did.

by the way, assuming that i actually post regularly, i’m going to start putting the entire post on the front page, rather than putting a teaser on the front page and then making you click to read the rest.

let me know what you think.

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