semi-useless tag cloud added

anyway, if you ask me they are semi-useless. it’s my new tag cloud.

it’s in my sidebar, off to the right over there, right under my rss feed links. the tag cloud is a constantly updated alphabetical list of words and topics that appear frequently in my blog titles via my rss feed. and the more times something appears, the bigger the font. and you can click through and there’s a list of the links to the places that topic appeared on my blog.

and, of course, you get lots of associated google ad sense ads.

apparently, according to my tag cloud, piss is a hot topic on my blog. i don’t remember mentioning piss, but there you are. click on a word that interests you, even if it’s piss.

the thing is free to me, from the (i’m assuming) nice folks at zoomclouds.com, and it takes up space in my sidebar, and it certainly looks cool, and it graphically conveys the information it’s supposed to. and if you click through they make lots of money on the ads, i guess.

everyone tells me that, with the traffic this site gets, i’m a fool not to put google ad sense ads in my sidebar and collect the dough-re-mi every month. i guess i just think it’s a bit tacky, and i think more of you than that.

but the zoomclouds people have no such compunctions, so click away on my tag cloud if you wish.