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Monthly Archives: June 2006

i do not look like anita mui


whoever the hell she is. is a cool-ish new (new to me, anyway) geneaology website that has face-recognition software that, i suppose, is supposed to be useful in tracking down just who the hell that person in the back of that old photo is, or something. but to attract mass amounts of users of […]

music, back in the day


ever wonder why, in your memory, music on vinyl records seemed to sound better than digital cds do today? assuming, of course, that you are old enough to remember what vinyl sounded like. as it turns out, you haven’t lost your mind. it’s not old-fogeyism creeping in, although i find myself saying things like “back […]

good for the supremes


the supreme court has blocked president bush from ordering military war crimes trials for detainees at guantanamo bay in cuba. it’s a major blow to his so-called “war on terror” which thus far has caused more worldwide terror than it has stopped, if you ask me. and the result was 5-3, meaning that even though […]

i’m not crazy, and the army agrees


in 1973, the american psychiatric association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder. thirty-three years later, the army finally agrees. although, as the article says, “the reversal has no impact on U.S. policy prohibiting openly gay people from serving in the military.” things move slowly in the armed forces, i guess. no wonder iraq is such […]

not colorblind


well, i am colorblind in that i do not care about the color of the skin of my fellow man/woman and all that politically correct happiness and light. but i am not colorblind in the physical sense. you can go here and see if you are. i can see all the numbers in the dotty […]

the national priorities project


here’s a page that will get you fired up and cranky for sure. at least it got me fired up and cranky. it’s the national priorities project. there you can, for instance, find out how your tax dollars could be better spent, either nationally or in your area. ever wondered how many cops could get […]

liza judges the gay pet show


with actual video and everything. evidently it was one of the rainy day pride weekend events. you just can’t make this stuff up. i still love liza, though. she’s a good sport and sticks with the community, even if on a somewhat reduced scale.

nothing new at apple


the online apple store was closed for an hour or so earlier today. sending mac fans everywhere into paroxysms of delight. usually this means there’s a new product being sold. was it a new ipod? the video ipod? upgraded computer hardware? something no one had guessed as yet? unfortunately for them (and me, by proxy) […]

birds do it, bees do it…


have homosexual sex, that is. and more than just birds and bees. evidently bighorn sheep, giraffes, bottlenose dolphins, killer whales, gray whales, west indian manatees, japanese macaques, and hundreds of other species are getting their same-sex jollies. that’s been a known fact for some time, though. but the scientific community, through their outright homophobia or […]

in the front row


well, not the exact front row, but damn close. at the mets game last night. kirk and i buy tickets for a lot of mets games. usually we end up going to at least 5 or 6 games, sometimes more. and when we buy tickets we always get the upper deck. not because we are […]

not going to find it here


this site is registered at, so i can get lots of info about my site there. one of the most interesting pages is a list of the top search queries for my site, and where my site ranks in that query. when i need a laugh, i go look at the list. it amazes […]

pd, useless no more


pd is my cat. actually she was kirk’s cat, and now she’s our cat. and actually i have two cats, pd and morgan. but pd (the black and white cat in the sidebar picture) is today’s subject. pd is useless no more. i wrote about pd previously, and it was very facetious. let me stress […]

bbq block party pt. 2


we went back yesterday for day two of the bbq block party–we had nearly $90 left on our stored value card so getting more bbq was not a problem. except for my stomach, of course. we had ubon’s bbq from yazoo, mississippi. it was a shredded pork sandwich in large chunks. the end bits were […]

bbq block party 2006


perfect brisket smokios goodness my favorite day of the year is bbq block party weekend. which is, of course two days. i can’t decide if the first day or the second day is my favorite day, so i’ll just call it a draw. the first picture above is the brisket from southside market in elgin, […]

bigots? in congress? nah.


the senate is preparing to vote, yet again, to write discrimination into the constitution. will it happen? not a chance. but the republicans see it as a sop to their religious faithful (people whom, to my mind, are actually neither). from an ap news article on the subject: “The Republican leadership is asking us to […]

nothing worth defending?


the nimrod head of homeland security, michael chertoff, has basically announced that there are no monuments in new york city worth defending, and has disproportionately cut new york city’s homeland security funding. actually, he’s not a nimrod. he’s an asshat. or an asstard, if you will. anyway, new york’s senator hilary clinton has come up […]

seven steps to delete a shortcut


in microsoft windows vista, that is. take a look for yourself. it has to be seen to be believed. i’m sure this will be fixed before this supposed windows xp replacement is released. right? right? please explain to me again why you aren’t using a mac.