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pd, useless no more

pd is my cat. actually she was kirk’s cat, and now she’s our cat. and actually i have two cats, pd and morgan. but pd (the black and white cat in the sidebar picture) is today’s subject.

pd is useless no more.

i wrote about pd previously, and it was very facetious. let me stress that pd is lovable, and cuddly, and affectionate, and doesn’t scratch anywhere except the scratching post, and can’t meow more than a peep so makes no noise, and eats very little and is in perfect health.

the perfect pet. unlike morgan, who is a bulemic pain in the ass, though lovably so.

so pd has always been useful in the sense that she does what a cat is supposed to do in the affection department. but she has (i thought) always been useless in the mouse department.

as we live in an old new york apartment building directly on the park, we get the occasional mouse. little tiny field mice, once or twice a year, find their way in. the last one lived under the fridge until he/she wandered into the hav-a-heart trap to eat peanut butter, and was subsequently relocated from under the fridge to the nearby park.

but the cats, other than staring at the fridge, really did nothing. one time (years ago) we came home to find a dead mouse in the middle of the floor. untouched and immaculate. the cats (three at the time) were seated around it, staring at it.

i swear that mouse died of natural causes in our living room. i guess we’ll never know.

you’d think that the presence of cats would at least be a deterrent. it didn’t seem to be the case, though.

but last night, we heard unusual cat movements, and kirk got up to go to the bathroom, and then yelled “gross!” i got up, and there was pd.

and a mouse.

a dying mouse that she had caught and was torturing slowly.

now this was the smallest mouse imaginable. not including the tail, i don’t think it was even an inch and a half long. i wrapped it in paper towels and flushed it.

and praised pd repeatedly.

i have newfound respect for pd. go pd, you mouse-catching tyro.

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