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Monthly Archives: July 2006

chihuly and other more natural wonders


chihuly was amazing to see on saturday. i’d never been to the new york botanical garden, even though it’s fifteen minutes on a bus away. so worth the trip to stop and smell the roses. literally. the rockefeller rose garden was in full bloom, and man were those roses fragrant. and the glassy chihuly things […]

chihuly tomorrow


off to see chihuly tomorrow. what, you may ask, is a chihuly? you may not be asking, because you may be more cultured than i am. but, before i got free tickets to the chihuly exhibit at the new york botanical garden through work, i had never heard of him. shows you what i know. […]

say it ain’t so, floyd


are you telling me that i can’t even trust a mennonite now? apparently floyd landis, the tour de france winner, has flunked a drug test administered after stage 17. i saw his mother interviewed on tv. she was a charming mennonite woman, full of stories about his childhood in pennsylvania dutch country, and was so […]

fork in philly


kirk and i ate at fork (306 market street) in philadelphia on our recent long weekend getaway. it came recommended highly by philadelphia magazine in their “best 50 restaurants” issue, and a few egullet people liked it as well, so we said what the heck, and tried it. not too happy. for a restaurant that […]

wonderful weekend


back to work today, although the weekend was, as the title says, wonderful. there’s a lot of residual happiness carryover, so it’s been a good day at work. children were the theme of the weekend, to some extent. not that we had children. or took some with us. or found some there, and brought them […]

magical mystery trip


we’re not taking a big vacation this year. just two small ones. and the first one starts today. in about an hour, actually. we’re going to philly for a long weekend. actually there’s an intermediate stop along the way, today, and then philly for saturday night. we have phillies tickets on saturday afternoon, and then […]

the blog i wish i wrote


and the blog i wish i’d thought of. it’s a fake (i’m assuming it’s fake, anyway) blog written by someone who purports to be steve jobs of apple, called The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, Aged 51 1/2. subtitled: “Dude, I invented the friggin iPod, okay? Have you heard of it?” whoever writes this thing […]

quick followups


earlier i wrote about a guy who thought an onion article on abortion was real, and wrote a scathing blog about it. he’s interviewed on salon. it’s a great read. also, i wrote a couple of days ago about the idiocy of the government’s terrorist target list. turns out that, as a further example of […]

world war iii?


i may just be an alarmist. or a fatalist. or a pessimist. or whatever ist you prefer. but this article about india and pakistan has me thinking. the article quotes sources in india as saying that pakistani intelligence is responsible for the recent bombings in mumbai that killed over 200 people. great. just what the […]

what’s your brazilname?


if you played football (soccer for the u.s. crowd) for brazil, what would your name be? the brazilian football name generator will tell you. mine is “howeiro”. this is much easier than figuring out your drag name, which involves remembering your first pet’s name and the street you grew up on, facts that anyone interested […]

summer of crap


i used to read more. i used to accomplish more. i used to tinker more. i used to explore more. i used to move more. now i just watch tv. it’s an addiction, you know. and boy am i addicted. and, to be honest, i probably don’t watch any more tv than i ever did. […]

extremely dangerous amish popcorn


apparently we don’t need to worry about protecting assets like “major business and finance operations or critical national telecommunications hubs” from terrorists. we do, however need to protect old macdonald’s petting zoo, the sweetwater flea market, the mule day parade in columbia, tennessee and the amish country popcorn factory. sorry. no link to the amish […]

national (league) disgrace


honestly, i think i’m giving up on watching the all-star game. probably not really. i’m sure i’ll watch next year. but right now, i can’t imagine watching it. it’s an exercise in frustration. if you missed last night’s game, the american league won 3-2. the national league had a 2-1 lead, in the ninth inning, […]

march together for life


the onion is a satirical newspaper whose goal is to present satirical content in a straightforward manner, so much so that their articles can be mistaken for real. mistaken for real, that is, if you are a total idiot who has no concept of what satire is. which, apparently, is the case with pete, the […]

extensive site changes


i just finished a massive set of changes to the site’s appearance. much better, huh? what, you don’t notice the changes? wondering what they are? well, maybe that’s because after implementing them, i decided i didn’t like them and changed things back to the way they were previously. so, unless you happened to visit in […]

kiki and herb are back!


and i have tickets. in my inbox this morning–an email with a link to discount preview tickets for kiki and herb‘s one month broadway run. of course i jumped all over it. third row aisle for the performance just before opening night. god am i excited. i’ve seen kiki and herb perform every show they’ve […]

a fecking bloody mess, it is


the lieutenant of inishmore, that is. the play what i saw last night, at the theater i last attended when i saw the play what i wrote. oh. my. god. it’s an excellent play, a brilliant play, perhaps even a great play, in the true sense of the word “great”. but it definitely gives fresh […]

fun touristy saturday


i know it’s wednesday, but i want to tell you about my day last saturday, because it was so much fun. i spent most of the day with one of my former students, kim, and her husband glenn and her son matthew. kim was my first yearbook editor when i first took over as adviser, […]

superman returns


saw the new superman flick at the imax theater at 67th and broadway. i’m not a huge comic book fan–never was. although i liked me some richie rich and scrooge mcduck when i was very young. but in general, i never got into comic books. so the current fad of making comic books into movies […]