fun touristy saturday

i know it’s wednesday, but i want to tell you about my day last saturday, because it was so much fun.

i spent most of the day with one of my former students, kim, and her husband glenn and her son matthew. kim was my first yearbook editor when i first took over as adviser, so as you can imagine we have quite a history and i have quite a soft spot for her.

hers was the only book i ever put out the old-fashioned way, on paper with hand-drawn layouts for the printer. the very next year, we switched to pagemaker on the mac, and put out one of the first all-desktop-published yearbooks in the country.

but i’m bragging now, and digressing as well.

kim and her family visited new york last saturday, so i met them and i had a bang-up time, doing all the stuff that resident new yorkers never do. like riding the staten island ferry, eating a coal-fired-oven-baked pizza at john’s, hanging out at toys r us and the hershey store, and just walking around times square, which i normally avoid like the plague.

and though i am so not a “kid person”, her son matthew was cool as all hell. all big wide eyes and questions. and he loved the thin-crust new york pizza, so you know he has good taste. i’d have taken him home, but he was spoken for already.

so now i can not go on the staten island ferry, and not go to times square and such for a few more years. but i’m glad i went last saturday.

i had a blast. who knew. must have been the company.