march together for life

the onion is a satirical newspaper whose goal is to present satirical content in a straightforward manner, so much so that their articles can be mistaken for real.

mistaken for real, that is, if you are a total idiot who has no concept of what satire is.

which, apparently, is the case with pete, the fellow running “march together for life”, a blog that espouses an anti-abortion perspective. good for him, as long as he isn’t publishing the home addresses of abortion doctors. everyone has an opinion, and with appropriate time-and-place restrictions, everyone should be able to voice their opinions in the forum of their choice.

i’m pro-choice that way, too. blog away, pete.

but realize, too, that the world really will beat a path to your door if you reveal yourself to be a monumental fool. pete, in this case, found an article at the onion site from 1999 entitled “i’m totally psyched about having this abortion”.

and raged about it in his blog, not realizing that the article was satire.

and then tried to justify the lunacy in his follow-up piece.

read the comments. they are priceless. here’s my personal favorite:

“I’m pro life, but sweet Jesus you’re an idiot. For your next post, how about a passionate speech on the need to immediately free Prince Albert from the can?
Boo | 07.08.06 – 12:24 am | # “

when you become so vitriolic and so committed to a cause that you lose your sense of humor when discussing your cause, you run the risk of falling over the precipice of reason into complete illogic and public ridicule. i’ve seen people like this when i worked with animal rights groups.

believe me, idiots like this are on both sides of the political spectrum.

it’s good to bring passion and fervor to your cause.

just don’t forget to bring the humor, perspective, and humility as well.

update: apparently the author removed the comments from the page. they are archived here.