magical mystery trip

we’re not taking a big vacation this year. just two small ones. and the first one starts today. in about an hour, actually.

we’re going to philly for a long weekend. actually there’s an intermediate stop along the way, today, and then philly for saturday night.

we have phillies tickets on saturday afternoon, and then a nice dinner in a restaurant i found through a bit of judicious research.

if i’m being vague about the details, it’s because the details are a surprise to kirk, so they’ll be a surprise to you as well. when i tell you about them. if i remember to tell you about them. not that it’s such a big deal, anything i have planned. but any kind of surprise is better than no surprise at all. and later in august, kirk has his surprise weekend planned for me. i know it involves camping, which will be cool, and hiking, which i’ve actually been itching to do a little of.

anyway, it’s off to avis to pick up the car, and then onward and upward. more to come later, maybe monday, but not before then.

sometimes two small things are better than one big thing.