chihuly tomorrow

off to see chihuly tomorrow.

what, you may ask, is a chihuly? you may not be asking, because you may be more cultured than i am. but, before i got free tickets to the chihuly exhibit at the new york botanical garden through work, i had never heard of him.

shows you what i know. don’t listen to me, that’s my advice.

but now the dude is everywhere–all over new york there’s outdoor advertising, tv programs, newspaper articles, you name it. the guy must have an amazing press agent.

he, apparently, sculpts in glass. well, actually, he probably sculpts in a studio. he sculpts using glass as his medium. better?

so tomorrow i shall be off to view glassy things amongst the blooming plants. i’ll try to remember to let you know how it went.

and on a completely unrelated subject, i think i have a new epitaph for myself.

don’t you have your epitaph written yet? you’d better get on it.

anyway, my old epitaph was “sit on my grave and picnic”, inspired by picnicking on jim morrison’s grave in pere la chaise cemetery in paris when i was younger, until the gendarmes chased me away. my new epitaph?

“he knew his place. and he never went there.”

it popped in my head yesterday, and it hasn’t left yet, unlike most things. i didn’t think it applied to me, but kirk says it does, so there you are.