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chihuly and other more natural wonders

chihuly was amazing to see on saturday.

i’d never been to the new york botanical garden, even though it’s fifteen minutes on a bus away. so worth the trip to stop and smell the roses. literally. the rockefeller rose garden was in full bloom, and man were those roses fragrant.

and the glassy chihuly things were a spectral wonder. i liked the ones that were in context the best–they had little ones that were hiding in plain sight, blending in with the vegetal surroundings and looking like martian versions of plant life. but the big showpieces were cool as well.

and late lunch afterwards at mike’s deli on arthur avenue. we had an enormous gorgeous antipasto platter, served on a pizza peel. $20 for $50 worth of food and enjoyment–we were the envy of everyone around us, all of whom were ooohing and aaahing. stupidly, i didn’t take a cell phone picture.

i guess i’ll have to go back. just for you, i will. the sacrifices i make.

so i’ve been jamie howard of floral city. of citrus high school.

i was jim howard of flagler college. of st. augustine. of nease high school. of einstein’s. of gainesville. of vanguard high school. of herff jones. of deerfield beach.

this weekend made me remember how glad i am to be jamie howard of new york city.

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