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Monthly Archives: August 2006

dinosaur jr. gear stolen


in what has to be one of the uncoolest moves i’ve read about in quite a while, someone has stolen all of dinosaur jr.’s equipment from a trailer parked in long island city, new york. i read about it on digg. get the word out–here’s the list of equipment: Attached and listed below is a […]

cranky about my crankiness


i have been cranky, to be truthful, for days now. and i’m getting really cranky about it. thankfully, i have friday off. my last summer friday of the year. it’s a wonderful new york tradition. do they have them where you are? all summer (memorial day to labor day) we get a total of seven […]

new restaurant


it’s kirk’s birthday. happy birthday, baby! we’re going to try a new restaurant: 809 restaurant. it’s a churrascaria in the hood, just a few blocks away on dyckman. yes, that’s the name of a real street. i’ll report back–kirk’s just getting home. update: dinner was fantastic.  it’s not really a churrascaria–more of an upscale dominican […]

pulling the trigger


as you can see, if you visit often, i went ahead and switched to wordpress from greymatter. hence the new look…let me know what you think. it’s obviously a work in progress, and there’s still a lot of content at the old site that i need to move over. there’s a lot of content, though, […]

hedging my bets


i’ve loved greymatter (the blog software that i use to create the pages on this site) for quite some time. and i’ve extolled its virtues, and been a cheerleader, and stuck by it. but i’m also a tinkerer, and i’m also a bit paranoid. the main developers of greymatter have abandoned the project, and i’m […]

mosquito trucks, ddt clouds, and me


southern people of a certain age will identify with this, for sure. when i was a kid, living in a fairly swampy area of north florida, mosquito control was a big deal. in the county i grew up in (citrus), it was probably the main reason to have a government at all, other than keeping […]

kirk’s new masai warrior shoes


so kirk got new shoes. this in itself is not exactly news. people buy shoes all the time. what’s news is the shoes he got, which are these extra special shoes that make you walk like a masai warrior. mbt shoes. m=masai, b=barefoot, t=technology. and apparently the masai walk differently, because they walk on soft […]

site revisions and greymatter news


i spent a good chunk of time in the past couple of days doing some long overdue site maintenance. a lot of it was behind the scenes–adding google analytics tracking info so i can see how the site is used, finally revising some last remaining odd pages to give them valid xhtml, and tweaking the […]

snakes on a plane, baby


i’ll be brief. i had the most fun i’ve ever had in a movie theater, watching this movie just now. and that includes over a hundred viewings of the rocky horror picture show. it’s the most perfect summer movie imaginable–the tone and the script are dead on target. it’s the quintessential example of a movie […]

liza, and snakes on a plane, and kiki and herb


saw liza minnelli performing at coney island last night…incredible show. it was a free concert, but the organizers had set up seats in the center of the field in front of the stage, and were selling them for $10 which went to charity. so for $10 i got a nice comfortable seat about twenty feet […]

finding my voice


this is the most disorganized schizo blog on the planet. well, maybe that’s overstating things a bit. i’ve seen a few myspace pages, and they have more than lapped me on the track of incoherence. but most people who do this sort of thing semi-seriously have a theme, and a point of view, and they […]

getting caught up


i’m back at it. camping was fantastic. i’d forgotten how much i liked it. and kirk can build a good fire, so we had all our food cooked on the open wood flame. yum, yum. i didn’t forget to go to kiki and herb this time, and the show was, as always, phenomenal. don’t miss […]

the continuing adventures of the fake steve jobs


for whatever reason, my favorite new blog (which i’ve written about before), is down and out. the fake steve jobs assures us that he will return, but in the meantime if you missed out on the fun, you can look at the google cache of the old site. the fake steve says about all this: […]

Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz


via consumerist, here’s the funniest link i’ve seen in ages: Reviews for Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz. is selling grocery items now, and of course, it being amazon, people are reviewing them. i read this, and laughed until i cried. all the internet tubes are definitely going to waste for […]

kansans regain common sense


opponents of evolution have lost their majority on the kansas state board of education. well, thank god. who, no doubt, also believes in evolution, because she let it evolve after she set the big bang in motion, or whatever. so now schoolchildren in kansas will hopefully at least have a clue about what the scientific […]

who is the fake steve jobs?


i wrote last week about my favorite new blog, the secret diary of steve jobs. it’s hilarious, even if you don’t keep up with the minutiae of apple trivia and rumors. but more so if you do. and now there’s major media speculation over the authorship, with some pretty big names thrown around. harry shearer, […]

art, and more art


i’m seeing the wedding singer, broadway musical version, tonight. as their homepage shouts at me, “i love the ’80s!!! so i’ll adore this show!!!!!” i’m sure. the tickets were free. who knows. i might be surprised. kevin cahoon, my favorite hedwig, is in it, so at least i can enjoy watching him, i hope. but, […]

more quick takes


fidel castro just might be on his last legs. too bad we have such nitwits in the executive branch of government, who if castro exits stage left will no doubt botch a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. bush, of course, is feeling fine. thanks, karma. floyd landis, we hardly knew ye. according to the ny times, the testosterone […]