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art, and more art

i’m seeing the wedding singer, broadway musical version, tonight. as their homepage shouts at me, “i love the ’80s!!! so i’ll adore this show!!!!!” i’m sure.

the tickets were free. who knows. i might be surprised. kevin cahoon, my favorite hedwig, is in it, so at least i can enjoy watching him, i hope.

but, having seen a bit of it on the tonys award show, i’m not hopeful. but it’s something to do.

and, given the 100 degree heat in new york today, we thought we’d see a movie beforehand, to kill time and beat the heat. so we’re seeing clerks ii at 5:00.

now that i’m excited about. i love kevin smith. chasing amy is one of my all-time favorite movies. and jay and silent bob are the best.

snoochie boochies! i can hardly wait.

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