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the continuing adventures of the fake steve jobs

for whatever reason, my favorite new blog (which i’ve written about before), is down and out.

the fake steve jobs assures us that he will return, but in the meantime if you missed out on the fun, you can look at the google cache of the old site.

the fake steve says about all this:

Dudes, I had no idea this blog was getting read so widely. I’m being held in captivity during the WWDC — scary story of rendition etc., which will be my firt new post. Anyway, I will relaunch soon, not sure where yet. Will keep you friggin informed. Like, with a post here or whatever. And FYI this is NOT an Apple publicity stunt. You really don’t think they have that much sense of humor, do you?
Fake Steve.

of course, he gets even more publicity now, because everyone puts on their tinfoil hats and starts spouting conspiracy theories involving apple legal.

whatever. come back soon, fake steve jobs.

and on a side note, i’ll be camping in the deep dark woods for the rest of the week–ricketts glen, in pennsylvania. and will therefore not be blogging until next monday at least.

i know you are crushed.

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  1. I’m not at all convinced that the new fake is the same personna as the old fake. See my lens for some corroboration. T-shirts also available.

    Posted on 10-Aug-06 at 11:05 pm | Permalink

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