finding my voice

this is the most disorganized schizo blog on the planet.

well, maybe that’s overstating things a bit. i’ve seen a few myspace pages, and they have more than lapped me on the track of incoherence. but most people who do this sort of thing semi-seriously have a theme, and a point of view, and they talk about things consistently and cohesively.

and they play the blog game as well. that is, they find other like blogs and comment on them, and link back to them, and then that person does the same, and everyone logrolls (the nice way to put it) or circle jerks (the non-euphemistic way to put it) themselves to lots of comments and feedback and trackbacks and such.

i just don’t do that, because, to be frank, this is more of a personal diary than a blog for you to read. if you find it interesting, more power to you. read away. but i really find this more of a way for me to be able to look back over time and see what concerned me, or what i found interesting.

when i started the blog part of queerspace.com, in october of 2004, every other blog entry i wrote was political. heat of the moment, with the election and all, i suppose.

now i could care less. or couldn’t care less. i forget which is correct. couldn’t is certainly more logical.

and i’ve been feeling a bit guilty over the past little bit, because a lot of my blog entries have been little more than collections of links that i saw online somewhere, and linked to and commented on a bit. that’s really lazy.

but it accurately reflects my level of involvement at the time, so that’s useful for me.

useful for you? maybe. maybe not.

like i said, read it if you want to. evidently at least a few dozen people do.

which puts you, i suppose, in exclusive company of a sort.

today’s silly links? reviews for kiki and herb, which were nearly uniformly positive glowing raves. ben brantley at the ny times, whose opinion probably matters the most, had the biggest rave of them all.

ny times review of kiki and herb alive on broadway (free registration required)

ny daily news review of kiki and herb alive on broadway

ny post review of kiki and herb alive on broadway

i’m definitely going back, assuming i can get tickets. these reviews, in combination with the extremely limited run, might make well-priced seats scarce.