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liza, and snakes on a plane, and kiki and herb

saw liza minnelli performing at coney island last night…incredible show.

it was a free concert, but the organizers had set up seats in the center of the field in front of the stage, and were selling them for $10 which went to charity. so for $10 i got a nice comfortable seat about twenty feet from the stage, in the center.

i did get there a bit early, to get a seat that good. by showtime, the place was a madhouse. i’m not good at estimating crowd size, but it had to be in the tens of thousands. and liza was great–very natural, unplanned, and spontaneous (for liza, anyway). she sang “cabaret” and “new york new york” at the end, of course, but preceded that with an atypical selection of interesting and well-chosen material, all of which brought the house down. standing wild cheering ovations after each song, and sometimes halfway through the songs.

and she was onstage for a good hour and a half. i think. maybe more–i didn’t have a watch.

it’s the second year she’s done this at coney island, and the last thing she said as she left the stage was “see you next year.”

i am so there. kirk stayed home and worked on the show he’s directing. his loss. he’ll be there next year. i’ll make him go.

and tonight, “snakes on a plane”, baby. i fandangoed tickets for 5:00. can’t wait to see those motherfucking snakes on that motherfucking plane. go on with your badass self, samuel l.

and sunday, a return trip for kiki and herb on broadway. we found another ticket deal.

i have a feeling we’ll probably go a third time before it’s all over. they are that good.

god, i love living in new york.

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