kirk’s new masai warrior shoes

so kirk got new shoes.

this in itself is not exactly news. people buy shoes all the time.

what’s news is the shoes he got, which are these extra special shoes that make you walk like a masai warrior.

mbt shoes.

m=masai, b=barefoot, t=technology. and apparently the masai walk differently, because they walk on soft surfaces and land on their arches and push off differently, instead of coming down hard on your heels and pushing off with your toes.

the latter style of walking, if the hype is to be believed, gives you back pain and problems that the masai never have.

so the soles of these shoes are bulgy in the middle, and have no heel or toe to speak of. this is supposed to force you to duplicate the walk of the masai warrior, and eliminate your back and hip and knee and leg and thigh and calf problems.

i have to say that they look somewhat odd, but the concept makes some sense to me. i’m letting kirk be the guinea pig for this one. i can’t decide if this is all just marketing crud (walk like a warrior! people have been walking wrong for centuries! learn the secrets of walking that the multinational corporations are trying to hide from you! be the first to join the revolution!) or if there’s something to it. if it works, i might have to get myself some too.

after we pay the visa bill for kirk’s pair, that is. these things ain’t cheap.

i’ll keep an open mind.