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hedging my bets

i’ve loved greymatter (the blog software that i use to create the pages on this site) for quite some time. and i’ve extolled its virtues, and been a cheerleader, and stuck by it.

but i’m also a tinkerer, and i’m also a bit paranoid. the main developers of greymatter have abandoned the project, and i’m afraid that the software isn’t going to keep up with the times. there are people who have picked up the pieces and are trying to move on, and i’m helping them in my own very small way when i can, but still.

i need a backup.

so i’ve installed wordpress on my blog, and i’ve imported the old greymatter entries, and it’s up and running. you can check it out, if you like.

i dithered a lot about whether or not to make this move. and then, when researching alternatives, i ran across posts by old greymatter forum people in the wordpress support forums. lots of familiar names. and they all seemed to have switched successfully to wordpress from greymatter.

the blog part of the software is airtight and installation was a breeze, as was the importation of all the old blog entries. it’s basically a carbon copy of this site–all the blog stuff is there and works perfectly, but nearly all of the jamie-specific pages aren’t there yet. and the ones that are there will have some broken links.

it’s a long term project, and i may never switch over completely.

but it’s nice to know i can if i choose to.

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