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pulling the trigger

as you can see, if you visit often, i went ahead and switched to wordpress from greymatter.

hence the new look…let me know what you think.

it’s obviously a work in progress, and there’s still a lot of content at the old site that i need to move over. there’s a lot of content, though, that to be honest i probably won’t bother with. javascript games, the end of the internet, webrings, and some other stuff will be available at the old site (there’s a link to “old site” in the sidebar) but not the new one. at least for the time being. i’d imagine at some point it will just all go, and the link to the old site will be deleted.

there’s a lot of cleanup to do, so be patient. overall, it’s a good move–there’s just so much more functionality in the new site, and once everything is done, it’ll be easier for me and better for you.

have fun. explore. give me feedback.

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