new restaurant

it’s kirk’s birthday. happy birthday, baby!

we’re going to try a new restaurant: 809 restaurant. it’s a churrascaria in the hood, just a few blocks away on dyckman.

yes, that’s the name of a real street.

i’ll report back–kirk’s just getting home.

update: dinner was fantastic.  it’s not really a churrascaria–more of an upscale dominican restaurant.  i had an appetizer with a trio of tostones filled with various flavors of crab and seafood–excellent.  kirk’s appetizer was perfectly cooked shrimp on a bed of coconut risotto, and it was outstanding as well.

the entree was an enormous meat platter for two–skirt steak, filet, pork, chicken and sausage all grilled to perfection. far too much for four people to eat, let alone two.  we have leftovers for days.  and we split a huge pitcher of sangria–delicious and at $18 the deal of the century.

with two desserts the bill was under $100, which considering the level of food and the atmosphere (very cool interior design) was quite reasonable.  a starter glass of sangria each and an after dinner drink was on the house.

we’ll definitely be back.