cranky about my crankiness

i have been cranky, to be truthful, for days now.

and i’m getting really cranky about it.

thankfully, i have friday off. my last summer friday of the year. it’s a wonderful new york tradition. do they have them where you are? all summer (memorial day to labor day) we get a total of seven fridays off.

i’d never heard of them until i got to new york. sure do love them.

and they are probably the only thing saving me from lunacy right now. work is a pita. not the bread. it’s an acronym. figure it out.

it’s really bad when you are so cranky that just the mere thought of how cranky you are makes you even crankier. and i lost sleep over work issues last night, which is a big no-no for me, and that made me, you guessed it, cranky.

i need to stop, and take a deep breath, and take stock, and take a chill pill, and take five, and take my time, and take it easy, and take it as it comes.

except that i’m kind of enjoying my cranky mood. don’t tell me to cheer up.