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Monthly Archives: September 2006

off to the woods


this is camping weekend, at french creek state park in pennsylvania. although i’m sick as a dog, i’m looking forward to sleeping in a tent, in the cold and possibly the rain. for some odd reason. being outside feels better than being inside, and this weekend, there’ll be lots of outside. a few miles of […]

protecting valuables in checked luggage


gotta link to this–it’s a great example of playing by the rules, and thus gaming the system to your advantage. put a firearm in with your valuables, and declare the firearm. it doesn’t have to be a real firearm–a starter’s pistol will do. the article refers to expensive camera equipment, but it seems to me […]

baseball update


kirk and i get tickets to the last home game at shea every year, and this year is no exception. so we were there last night, although we left after the 4th inning. to be honest, i hate when people leave the game early (it’s one of my biggest baseball pet peeves), but it was […]

shortbus in the ny times


frank bruni did a long piece about “shortbus” in the ny times this weekend. i’ve written about “shortbus” before–it’s the new movie from john cameron mitchell of hedwig fame. bruni’s article is not to be missed–it’s a great explanation and a great exploration. very very well done. and of course, the movie is not to […]

random ipod thoughts


i’ve written before on the non-random nature of my ipod shuffle. i have an 512mb ipod shuffle, and itunes loads songs randomly onto it. the shuffle has a small capacity (about 120 songs) and i have thousands of songs in itunes, so i should get a good variety of music. problem is, i’d swear that […]

the new yorker in brief


too busy to read the new yorker? me too. too many words, too much density, too few pictures, too much of a commitment, too much of an expense, too much thought required. just for us, the haiku version of the new yorker, updated weekly. sorry, eustace.

waiting for an iphone


supposedly apple is working on their version of a cell phone–unofficial name: iphone. i’d love to have one. not just because i’m an apple fanatic, but because i’m sure it would just work. unlike my current sony ericcson z520a phone, which i’ve quit carrying around because it constantly takes pictures of the inside of my […]

not exactly the mile high club


chilling story about two affectionate men on an airplane, who are confronted by a homophobic flight attendant. evidently she took exception to their “behavior”, and when deservedly challenged by the pair, escalated the episode to terrorist-level to cover her ass, complete with a pilot’s threat to divert the flight. one man had rested his head […]

tickets, i get tickets


new york is a great place to live, because there are nearly no limits to the fun and cool things you can do. new york is a horrible place to live, because there are nearly no limits to the fun and cool things you can do. both are true, of course. i usually resist the […]

on a stick


a diverse collection of foods on a stick, via kottke. all these foods were available at the minnesota state fair. makes me want to go, i tell ya. i love me some food on a stick. deep fried twinkies? yesterday’s news. but put one on a stick? genius! now if they had funnel cake on […]

i want my itv


well, apple did it. they showed me the gadget that was guaranteed to get my wallet out. next year. damnit. today was the stevenote–the day when steve jobs calls the media and announces the new apple products. it’s a highly anticipated event which rarely disappoints, and today’s event was no exception. i like following the […]

my first time


using a computer. yeah right. don’t hold out much hope for that story, bub. i know what you are thinking. i’m saving that one for the memoirs. anyway, i was thinking about this the other day. or, more accurately, i was thinking about how little i remembered about it, and how i wished i could […]

the jackson pollock site


found this site while goofing around. go there, and have a few minutes of cool fun. and if you don’t get it, read this.

why brad pitt is hot


sure, physically. but the dude has a beautiful mind as well. consider this: “Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able,” the 42-year-old actor reveals in Esquire magazine’s October issue, on newsstands Sept. 19. the story was on the yahoo main […]

how to [not] buy a dell


how hard could it be to give dell your money? harder than you’d imagine. i’d forgotten how senseless and confusing the dell website was, until i stumbled across this blog post. surely this is exaggerated, right? it can’t be that hard? well, i’ll be damned if he isn’t right. i went back to browse the […]

weekend wishes


the weekend can’t come quickly enough. is that sad? i’m on the third day of a four day work week, because of labor day. and i’ve been spoiled with summer fridays since june. next week is a five day week…i’ll have to mentally buckle down. thank god i have a great job with a good […]

“shortbus” is rolling


“shortbus” is the new film from john cameron mitchell, of hedwig fame, and it’s coming to new york. it’s been a long wait, and i’m psyched as all hell to finally see it. it’s jcm’s attempt to reclaim sex in film from the clutches of pornography. here’s an interview with john about the film. “Sex,” […]

further site updates


i know…the site updates are the most boring posts ever. but i’m going to post them anyway, so put up with me. it’s a long holiday weekend and hurricane ernesto is plowing through, so i’m trapped inside the apartment and should have time to write something trenchant at some point. i’ve categorized all of the […]