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further site updates

i know…the site updates are the most boring posts ever. but i’m going to post them anyway, so put up with me. it’s a long holiday weekend and hurricane ernesto is plowing through, so i’m trapped inside the apartment and should have time to write something trenchant at some point.

i’ve categorized all of the posts, to help you find things that interest you, and to, i suppose, give you a glimpse into the organizational workings of my mind. that’s how i think. scary.

and i’ve edited my .htaccess file to redirect old site pages to new site pages, so you may never see the old site again. and if you do, you’ll find your way here quickly enough. a lot of the old pages aren’t being ported over, and eventually after google catches up to the new site structure, they’ll be deleted anyway.

do you really care about my javascript tic tac toe game? i don’t think you do, really. buh-bye to it, and its ilk.

and i added descriptions to each page’s meta tags via a plugin, so that google and other search engines see what’s on each page. i can’t tell you how much easier it is to do this stuff with wordpress. changing greymatter meant hand-coding every last thing, often in multiple places and on multiple pages. and while that gives you maximum flexibility, it is so much easier to drop a plugin into your wordpress folder on the server, and have the changes roll out across the site.

but i’m glad i used greymatter all those years, because it gave me knowledge of the guts of how things work. and that’s invaluable.

so click around and have a great time…this place will just get more and more better.

and i’ll get more and more bitter. i promise.

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