weekend wishes

the weekend can’t come quickly enough.

is that sad? i’m on the third day of a four day work week, because of labor day. and i’ve been spoiled with summer fridays since june. next week is a five day week…i’ll have to mentally buckle down. thank god i have a great job with a good company and an outstanding boss.

so it’s not like i’m wishing it was the weekend because i hate work. i’m just looking forward to the stuff we have planned.

during the day on saturday, we’re going to see the mets play the dodgers. and it’s sports bag day, so i get a freebie to use when i go to the gym. emblazoned with the mets logo, of course.

saturday night we’re seeing the orfeo duo at church. from their site:

We are a sister and brother violin and piano duo known for our close rapport with each other and with our audiences and for our power of communication. Our mission is to encourage and inspire people of all ages through music-making that expresses the breath of life. We’ve performed throughout the Americas as well as in Europe and made numerous recordings. Our repertoire ranges from Bach to music by young composers from our neighborhood, including the complete sonatas of Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, and Bartok, many beautiful early twentieth-century pieces, and short pieces, including our own arrangements of songs and arias. We perform from memory, and our performances are colored by exploration of historical performance practices and kindled by a spirit of improvisation.

sounds good to me–i’m in the mood for some culture. stop by (Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Inwood, call 212-222-2101 for more information) if you get the chance–i think it’ll be a great show.

and sunday is the first birthday party for our godson. kirk and i are godparents…how cool is that?

now, if you had that weekend, wouldn’t you look forward to it?