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how to [not] buy a dell

how hard could it be to give dell your money?

harder than you’d imagine. i’d forgotten how senseless and confusing the dell website was, until i stumbled across this blog post.

surely this is exaggerated, right? it can’t be that hard?

well, i’ll be damned if he isn’t right. i went back to browse the dell site, having not been there for a while, and the dell site is a logistical nightmare. one more reason (as if you needed more) to buy a mac. the apple website is clear, as is the pricing. when i bought from dell, i was never sure i was getting the best deal, and i always just assumed that even though the price was decent, someone else was getting a better deal.

i hate all that coupon crap–even though dell says they are moving away from that, i’m still suspicious.

i’m going to keep at you, dear reader, until you switch. you’ll be glad you did.

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