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i want my itv

well, apple did it. they showed me the gadget that was guaranteed to get my wallet out.

next year. damnit.

today was the stevenote–the day when steve jobs calls the media and announces the new apple products. it’s a highly anticipated event which rarely disappoints, and today’s event was no exception. i like following the apple announcements, though i rarely actually purchase any of the stuff. my only apple products are a mac mini, an apple wireless keyboard, and an ipod shuffle.

and the shuffle really doesn’t count, because kirk got it for free for filling out surveys.

i’m a pretty lousy apple fanboy.

but the one thing i really wanted was a way to wirelessly hook up my computer and my tv. that way, i can watch video content on the tv from the computer in one room, while kirk is in the other room actually on the computer, surfing the net or whatever.

we could buy a second computer, but that’s expensive and wasteful. enter itv.

engadget has a pretty good writeup of it. basically, it’s a little box that plugs into your tv, in my case an hdtv, and then you can watch the content from your computer on your tv.

content that you’ve bought from the apple store, or gotten from wherever. how cool is that?

problem is, it’s not shipping yet. it won’t ship until 1q07. that’s months from now, so the wallet will stay in the pocket. i have a feeling he announced this new gizmo to put pressure on the movie studios to get on board his new movie download service, which has disney movies only at this point.

and the movies aren’t hd quality, though i’d bet they will be by the time the little itv thingy is on the market.

the other stuff he talked about, mainly new ipods, are cool things, but mainly just the same old ipods with more capacity for less money. i like my shuffle just fine–it does what i need for it to do, which is play music while i’m on a machine at the gym.

so apple will get some more of my money.

just not yet.

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